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If you've used ControLeo to make your reflow oven please use the form below to let us know. We'd love to post photos of your build, and a link to your website or blog.

There are a lot of links, photos and comments from a lot of people worldwide who have built ovens using ControLeo2. A few are listed below, but a web search of "ControLeo2" will show the work of many, many happy customers!



Make Magazine: DIY Open Source Reflow Oven
Instructable: Make a SMD Reflow Oven
Electronic Design: Building Home or Very Small Office Electronic-Circuit Prototypes
Mark's ControLeo2 Build
Doug Vetter: Custom DIY Solder Reflow Oven Project
Paul Mullen: Reflow Toaster Oven conversion
TriEmbed: Easy Bake Oven
Kevin Rye: DIY Reflow Oven
Nonlinearcircuits: Reflow Soldering Oven
MySensors: Reflow Oven
BudgetLight Forum
Instructable: Make a solder paste dispenser