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BtServer uses Palm's Bluetooth virtual serial driver to communicate with other Bluetooth devices that support the Serial Port Profile. It opens the Bluetooth virtual serial driver in server mode. This creates an RFCOMM listening socket and an SDP entry that advertises the Serial Port Profile. Client devices that support the Serial Port Profile can then discover and connect to the Palm handheld. BtServer demonstrates the use of SrmExtOpen and other Serial Manager calls to send and receive data. The application works on Palm OS4 and OS5 (Garnet) handhelds, assuming the necessary Bluetooth libraries have been loaded. BtSerial is a good Palm client to use to connect to BtServer. With BtSerial on one Palm handheld and BtServer on another, you essentially have a very simple "chat" application.

BtServer does not work on OS6 (Cobalt). PalmSource does not allow the Bluetooth virtual driver to be opened in server mode, for either 68K or ARM-native applications.

Download BtServer now!

Download BtServer (ZIP or PRC). It is freeware, and can be used and distributed at no charge. Note: This application only works with Palm's Bluetooth stack. It will not work on the Blue5 and BlueM.

New Features
If you would like to suggest a new feature to be added to BtServer, or would like a custom version of BtServer created specially for you, please contact us.

Source Code
A license to the source code for this application is available. To view the source code license agreement, click here. The source code is commented, and is provided as a Metrowerks CodeWarrior project.

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