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Developer kit for Palm OS Cobalt is now available!

San Jose, Ca., May 3rd 2004 -- Whizoo announces the availability of a Bluetooth developer kit for Palm OS Cobalt. The developer kit allows Palm OS developers to create and debug Bluetooth applications using the Palm OS Cobalt Simulator. "This is an important development because it reduces development time and allows developers to create Bluetooth applications ahead of any Palm OS Cobalt handheld release", said Peter Easton who founded Whizoo.

The Palm OS Cobalt Simulator connects to the developer kit via the PC's serial port. This gives both ARM-native and 68K applications the ability to perform discoveries, and make inbound and outbound connections. The developer kit supports 8-device Piconets in either a master or slave role. Developers can develop applications using PalmSource's Bluetooth library directly, or using the virtual Bluetooth serial port. The developer kit allows developers to develop and debug ARM-native applications for Palm OS Cobalt handhelds, and 68K applications for Palm OS 4, OS 5 and OS Cobalt handhelds.

The developer kit uses the Bluetooth stack in the Simulator, which allows the developer kit to evolve as new versions of the Cobalt Simulator are released.

The developer kit is available now, and can be purchased for $149 from www.whizoo.com.

Developer kit Setup Guide
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Shipping and Returns Policy

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European developers please purchase the developer kit from Astraware.


Developer kit Setup Guide
  1. The developer kit consists of 3 components:
    1. A sled enclosing the Bluetooth radio.
    2. A cable that connects the sled to the RS-232 ("COM" or "serial") port on your PC.
    3. A cable that provides power to the sled, using a USB port on your computer.

  2. Connect the DC-plug end of the USB power cable into the RS-232 cable.

  3. Connect the sled to the cable.

  4. Connect the USB cable to a free USB port on your PC. Connect the RS-232 cable to the COM port on your PC.
  5. Download and install the Palm OS Cobalt Simulator from the PalmSource web site.
  6. Run the Cobalt Simulator making sure that you use a "full" ROM. Right-click on the Simulator window. Navigate to Settings -> Communication -> Communication Ports ...

  7. Make sure that the "Cradle" port is set to COM1

  8. In your system tooltray (the lower right corner of your screen), make sure that HotSync is not using the serial port. To check this, right-click on the HotSync icon in the tooltray.

  9. Launch the "Bluetooth" application in the Cobalt simulator. This brings up the screen below. Click on the "Bluetooth On" button. After a short delay, the Address will appear. This is the Bluetooth device address of the developer kit, and proves that communication with the developer kit is working well.

  10. You can now develop and test your ARM-native (Protein) and 68K Bluetooth applications on the Simulator!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Can the sled be attached to any Palm hardware?
The sled can physically attach to a Palm V, but there is no software or drivers available to make this combination work. The developer kit has only been designed to work with Palm OS Cobalt Simulator.

What Bluetooth version does the sled support?
The developer kit supports Bluetooth 1.1. The Palm OS Cobalt Simulator communicates to the developer kit at the HCI layer which allows the functionality of the developer kit to grow as more functionality is added to the Bluetooth stack on the Cobalt Simulator.

How does the developer kit attach to my PC?
The developer kit attaches to the RS-232 (also called "serial" or "COM" port) of your PC. If your PC doesn't have a RS-232 port, you can use a USB-to-serial-port adaptor (not supplied). In addition, the power needed by the developer kit is obtained from a USB port on your PC. If your PC doesn't have a USB port, you can use a different power adaptor like the one PalmOne supplies with their handhelds.

Do I have to use the USB power cable that comes with the developer kit?
The developer kit needs a 5V, 100mA power source, which can be supplied by a USB port on your computer. You can use a different power source, like the power supply that PalmOne provides with their handhelds. The power supply must have a center-positive DC plug (2.1 mm inner diameter, 5.5 mm outer diameter, 9.5mm length) and must be capable of supplying at least 100mA at 5V.

Does the developer kit require any additional software?
No. The Bluetooth stack is embedded in the Palm OS Cobalt Simulator, which can be downloaded from the PalmSource web site.

What Palm OS Simulator versions does the developer kit support?
The developer kit only supports Palm OS Cobalt Simulator. Other versions of the Simulator don't include the Bluetooth stack.

Can the developer kit be used to create Protein applications?
Yes, the developer kit supports the development of both Protein (ARM-native) and PACE (68K) applications. Protein applications won't run on Palm OS Garnet (OS 5) or earlier. PACE applications that only use the Bluetooth virtual serial port (and not the Bluetooth library directly) should run on Palm OS Garnet and Palm OS 4 handhelds.

What PC OS versions does the developer kit support?
The developer kit supports the OS versions that the Cobalt Simulator supports, which is currently just Windows.

What kind of range does the developer kit provide?
The developer kit has a "class 3" Bluetooth radio, which gives it a range similar to most Palm OS handhelds - around 10m (33 feet). This range can be greater if the device it is connecting to has a very sensitive (and more expensive) receiver, which a lot of Bluetooth Access Points do.

More questions ...
If you have a question that hasn't been answered, please contact us using our support page. Questions regarding Bluetooth development on the Palm OS can be posted to the Bluetooth Forum.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee, Shipping and Returns Policy
Every developer kit has been individually tested, and upgraded to the lastest firmware. We want you to be happy with your purchase.
  1. 30-day money-back guarantee - If you are not happy with your purchase you may return it. We will gladly refund your money, exchange the item, or issue you a credit within 30 days of purchase.
  2. 1-year warranty - Whizoo warrants to the original end user that the developer kit will be free from defects in workmanship and materials, under normal use, for one (1) year from the original purchase date.
    This warranty excludes (1) physical damage to the surface of the product, including cracks or scratches; (2) damage caused by misuse, neglect, improper installation or testing, unathorized attempts to open, repair or modify the product, or any other cause beyond the range of the intended use; or (3) damage caused by accident, fire, power changes, other hazards, or acts of God.
    Should a covered defect occur during the warranty period and you notify Whizoo, your sole and exclusive remedy shall be, at Whizoo's sole option and expense, to repair or replace the product. If Whizoo cannot reasonably repair nor replace the product then Whizoo may, in its sole discretion, refund the purchase price paid for the product. Whizoo warrants any replaced or repaired product through to the end of the original warranty.
    To obtain warranty repair, please contact us using our support page.
  3. Developers in the European Union should purchase their developer kit from Astraware in England. Astraware can provide a VAT invoice, and can ship to Europe faster than our US-based distribution center.
  4. California developers - The quoted price includes 8.25% state sales tax.
  5. One component of the developer kit was previously sold by Red-M as a Palm V attachment under the name "Blade". These Blades have been reworked and upgraded to work with the Cobalt Simulator, and are no longer a Red-M product. Specifically, Red-M no longer manufactures nor supports the "Blade" and is not responsible for any warranties or guarantees. The developer kit is a Whizoo product, and is fully supported and backed by Whizoo.
  6. Shipping is FREE worldwide. The following table shows how your developer kit is sent to you.
    FREE ShippingUpgraded Shipping
    USA and CanadaUPS Ground UPS Second Day for $10
    European UnionBritish Mail DHL for $10
    Other regionsGlobal Priority Mail UPS Wordwide Express for $50